Monday, August 09, 2004

The Village

Went to the Century 21 saturday night with Mike and saw The Village. The movie was a bit slow, which seems to be typical of M. Night's movies, but not so slow that I lost interest. The various characters were strange and intruiging, with lots of potential back-story, but (somewhat frustratingly) this is never explored.

This, combined with the stilted dialog and the reserved manner of the characters, results in a cast that feels dry and leeched of emotion. There's an essential liveliness missing, like they're black-and-white people. Actually, black-and-white is a good metaphor -- there is an overall lack of color that makes the village look bleak and desolate, reinforced by the scary leafless trees which surround it. After watching the village and its near-lifeless inhabitants for a while, the emotion which strikes me isn't pity or fear but a question -- why on earth would anyone want to live here?

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