Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Dating Crazies Builds Character

Grace just mailed me a link to this guy's web page, where he describes all of the completely insane things he and his girlfriend get into arguments about. I read until I was about to die of hunger, then decided to post it up here because a) I have a certain affinity for men who date women that are certifiable, and b) sometimes I have the memory of a gnat and I'm sure if I didn't post it I'd never find it again.

The most amazing part is, apparently, that they're still together.


neb.frank. said...

'salesgit'. i like that one.

but there's no way i could read all of those.

always something to be said for make-up sex...

Guy said...

Yeah, I have to imagine there's a lot of make-up sex going on there, because as near as I can tell they're fighting all the time. And I never did finish reading all of his entries.