Monday, August 23, 2004

The Booth Lives

Just got done looking at the latest pics of Dave's diner booth (an art car project for this year's Burning Man). It's very cool. If you could get it to a golf course you'd be the king.

For those not aware of the history of the driving diner booth, the story (or at least my version of it) starts just after last year's burning man, when Dave was telling me he was done with the nigh-indestructible Honda scooter he'd been using for a few years, and was thinking of doing something new. I was chatting with him and he said he was thinking about doing a driving toilet (I think he'd seen some other piece of driving furniture, and decided that a toilet had the best shock value).

Thinking quickly about all the abandoned items living on my porch (at the time, the porch inventory consisted of one white vinyl diner booth, one black vinyl and faux marble bar, an EX250 motorcycle engine, 4 wheels from various EX250s, 2 motorcycle frames, and a dresser full of assorted bike parts), I said "What about a diner booth?" It took a little bit of convincing, but I was really motivated to get rid of the crap Ash had dropped off at my place "for a month or two" over a year ago.

I also tried to convince Dave that he needed an EX250 motor to power his new infernal device, but in his wisdom he decided to go with a golf cart chassis. My friend Charles later hooked me up with some poor soul who really wanted a whole bunch of used EX250 parts for a bike he was rebuilding.

Dave's latest pics show the amazing transformation the booth has gone though; from being porch clutter to a pimpin' playa-crusin naked-lady-mud-flap sportin' sex machine.

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