Saturday, August 20, 2011

At Home

Just had a chat with Adam and helped him diagnose an electrical problem on his motorcycle. This is a new first for my phone-support checklist. While we were talking we joked about Luc having his own twitter feed. I realized it would go something like this:

08:35 -- Woke up, fed, pooped.  Took nap afterwards.

10:02 -- Woke up hungry. Looked for boob, didn't find it. Cried.
10:08 -- Found boob. Yay! Yummy lunch and nap afterwards.
10:15 -- Forgot to pee after lunch so did that. Cried for change.
10:18 -- Been crying because of wet diaper for ever now. Where the heck is mom?
10:20 -- Dad finally got up off the couch and changed me. So sleepy...
11:45 -- Time to feed again!