Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Things I Do For Net Access

I was overjoyed to find a couple open access points near my house last weekend. Since then, however, the novelty has worn off. Now it's simply become a form of enforced exercise when I want to use the 'net. For example, Keith just called me and asked me to send out directions to my office, where we're all supposed to meet tomorrow to carpool to his adventure batchelor party (look to this space monday regarding the wisdom of sending a bunch of inexperienced rafters down class 5 rapids. If I fail to post on monday, you can assume that it is unwise in the extreme).

Part of my problem is that it's a lot more obvious what I'm doing at night. During the daytime, people can understand why you would want to be out working on your computer in the sunlight and open air. When you're sitting on a park bench, alone, in the dark, working on your laptop, the Socially Acceptable reasons to be there are suddenly gone.

Real Hackers fear not the repercussions of a close-minded society. I'm off! (Cue "Mission Impossible" music...)

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