Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I'm Glad These People Aren't My Neighbors

I think I'm about done with Match.com. I've been on match for about a year now, and the whole time I've only met one girl that I went out with more than once. Today I got a wink from a girl looking for "someone who doesnt mind that I am a little nuts." So, just letting people now, it's not that I look for the crazy ones, they actually track me down.

Speaking of crazy people, I followed a link off of BoingBoing to this article about a guy who reprogrammed the now-ancient Eliza bot impersonate a young girl (or, more accurately, a guy pretending to be a young girl) on IRC. It's fun to read the give and take in the chat logs -- you can see people lose interest, and then they hit a keyword and the bot throws out something appropriate and they're hooked again.

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