Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I'm Not Stupid, I Just Have Stupid Speechwriters

I was having an internal conflict between the above title and "Your Tax Dollars At Work," but I decided to save that for another day. There are certainly worse abuses of taxpayer money; what the Bush administration did was just, well, stupid.

Recently Bush slapped down serious travel restrictions between the U.S. and Cuba, ostensibly to reduce "sex tourism" and cut down on human trafficking. The real reason appears to be cultivating the Cuban-American vote in Florida (although I'm not sure why he's worried, they'll just lose the records of the votes. Again).

I'm not sure where to begin. For starters, sex tourism is no reason to slap heavy sanctions on a country. Second, if you're really trying to stamp out sex tourism, then a) you're a hopeless puritan who needs to get laid more often, and b) there are many worse offenders than Cuba around, like Brazil, Mexico, Amsterdam, and Nevada.

What was that? Oh yeah, prostitution is actually legal in Nevada. Here. In the United States.

But the real kicker, of course, and the part about wasting government money, is the quotes by Casto that Bush is referring to, never actually happened. This article explains all the gory details, but the short version is that his speechwriters picked it up from an article on the internet.

I would expect better fact-checking than this out of a high-school newspaper.


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