Sunday, July 24, 2005

The War on Bugs

My house has been invaded by ants. Hundreds, if not thousands, of these little pests are crawling around the corners of my house, making little trails to and fro, and generally interfering with my freedom to live in an ant-free household.

I made a run to Home Depot today and loaded up on various implements of insect destruction -- some ant bait traps, to Kill Them Where They Live(tm), and some anti-ant spray, for that immediate, visceral feeling of total ant annhiliation.

They may have me outnumbered, but I have Freedom, Justice, and Ortho on my side.


Mark said...

Dude! That sucks! I never had a problem with ants while I was there. Maybe a few scouts in the bathroom and kitchen, but nothing serious (just squashed them with my finger and they never came back). Where are they coming in? If they are coming in through outlets, a bottle of spray foam to seal up the box/wall interface works great.

Guy said...

Haven't figured out where they're coming in from... I set up a couple
traps at likely entrance points, and I've been nuking their trails
with RAID-equivalent, but the battle has just been joined.

I still haven't figured out why they're so interested... They're not
going for food (because I have none), they're just kind of cruising
around. En mass. I have the friggin' ant El Camino running through
my house. Actually, there aren't *that* many of them, which is part
of the problem -- makes tracking them back to where they come in much
more difficult when you actually have to find an ant and follow it for
a while. They don't move very fast.