Monday, July 18, 2005

The End of U.S. Engineering

Read this interview with Steve Mills, IBM's VP of software sales. The interviewer asked about the U.S. education system and whether it could meet the demands of the industry. What Mills doesn't say is the most interesting part:

Q: Some tech executives have raised concerns about the quality of the U.S. education system and the supply of potential employees in the pipeline, relative to the talent other countries are producing. What are your thoughts on this issue?

A: There are good people all over the world. We're a global company and have been for many decades. From our perspective, nothing has changed. There are good universities around the world and lots of talent out there. Of course, IBM is a diversified technology company, both by product as well as by location. We do software development in dozens of locations around the world and have for many decades.

See that part where he answers the question about the U.S. education system? Yeah, neither did I. It sounds like now that IBM has committed itself to globalization, they're not worried about not being able to hire U.S. graduates.

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