Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Get Out Of My Driveway

Part of my ongoing house saga is that the clients of the daycare next door keep parking in my driveway, so every now and then I'll back down my driveway in the morning to find the exit blocked by a minivan or Volvo. This morning not only did I catch a repeat offender (I've asked this same woman to move before), but to make her look extra-stupid, there were two parking spots open in front of the daycare, including the 5-minute spot effectively reserved for their use. So I put on my I'm-not-happy face and loudly pointed this out to her as she was scurrying into the driver's seat of her car.

I felt a sense of accomplishment this morning. We'll see if it had any effect.

Last night's hockey game didn't go as well. Our goalie had a bad night, and the other team had a good night, so the resuling slaughter was predictable. I was playing defense, so I did my best to stem the tide, but I got caught flat-footed on one play where their player got around me to score, plus two more goals that our goalie should have caught.

Then I watched Jeff's team get beat by a similar margin, although it was more excusable in their case; their goalie was subbing in from a lower division. At least his girlfriend finally saw him score and broke the curse.

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