Thursday, September 02, 2004

Left My Brain At Home

Took forever to get out of the door this morning. I was going to ride my motorcycle in to work this morning, and every time I got out to the bike I had forgotten something. First I went out and there was a shirt in my tankbag, so I took that back in. Went back out and I had forgotten my 'stitch, so went back inside for that. Got the bike out and my helmet on, but realized my sunglasses were still inside. Went back inside for those.

Tried to start the bike -- click. Not a good sign. Tried again. Nothing. Shove it back inside the garage, turn the key on -- no lights. Must have left the key on last night. So, taking the truck today. Helmet off, gloves off, dump the 'stitch on the bike, go back inside for truck keys, realize that my wallet and badge are still in the tankbag. Back inside the garage for those, get back out, check wallet, check badge, check... no phone.

Go inside house, get phone, see there's a voicemail message. Check the voicemail, it's Jeff saying that we're going to a niners game tonight because he got free tickets, and I should bring something warm. Back inside the house, ponder between sweater and jacket, eventually choose jacket. Back outside (remember that I'm locking up the house and garage for every one of these inside/outside runs, because I swear that this time I've remembered everything and I'm leaving for work), throw jacket in truck, start it up (no problems there, thankfully), and I'm off to work. Finally.

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