Wednesday, September 01, 2004

George P. Bush

Grace IMed me the other day to tell me that George P. Bush is "the hottest guy ever" (with one notable exception, I'm sure). I looked at his pic on Fox News, and... I don't see it. Admittedly I'm not a good judge on whether guys are attractive -- I explained my two category, butt-ugly and not-butt-ugly categorization scheme to Grace -- but I just don't see him as a swarthy Adonis.

However, while searching for a picture of this guy I ran across a few other articles. Found a quote in this article:

Speaking in sometimes halting Spanish mixed with English, he said his uncle was not blame for the gun policy, which has angered Mexicans; instead, he blamed it on "some local INS (Immigration) guy who's trying to be tough, act macho."

The use of the guns is in fact federal policy, and they are in use in several states.

Good to know the fine Bush policies of situational truth and shooting from the hip are alive and well in the next generation.

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