Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Coming in 2nd Place Bites

Last friday, after randomly running into Patrick and one of his co-workers on Santana Row and spending most of the evening bar-crawling, I came back home and cruised through some personal ads. Found one of a girl who seemed like a good match -- looks cute in the photo, reads sci-fi, athletic -- so I fired off a quick response.

This morning I get a response in my inbox. This, in and of itself, is impressive enough -- about 90% of the emails I send go unanswered -- but I even get positive vibe in the email. She says, in summary, that she thought the email was funny, and that she would have been interested in getting drinks if she hadn't met another man this weekend.

This weekend!

This pretty much kills the idea that you can avoid bad things by taking monday off... They just wait until tuesday.

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