Monday, February 13, 2006

Ready, Fire, Aim!

I was reading a blog on Cheney's activities and they had a link to a Time article about Bush '43 meeting one of the leaders of the Indian tribes, a meeting set up by Abramoff.

The article reports that:
Told about the photograph in January, the White House said it had no record that Abramoff was present at the meeting. Shown the photograph today, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan said the White House had still found no record of Abramoff's presence but confirmed that it is Abramoff in the picture.

So apparently this is the Enron-esqe "we're not lying, we're just stupid" defense. So let me get this straight -- you're requesting billions of dollars and vastly expanded powers to identify, track, and keep records on millions of potential terrorists, but you can't manage to identify, track, and keep records on the hundreds of people who meet the President on a regular basis?

Do you think we're stupid?

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little sesame said...

No I do not think so.
I think you are the only american thinking.