Monday, February 20, 2006

Fun with Google Video

So, I was digging around for this Apple parody I saw on Google Video the other day. And I couldn't find it, which doesn't say much for the search capability (or maybe they just didn't write a good description). But I did find an entertaining GoDaddy commercial. It doesn't have anything to do with internet hosting. It doesn't even pretend. It just goes on the age-old principle that boobs can sell pretty much anything.

Another fun one (may have linked it already, memory's the first thing to go) with a very quick station wagon.

Aha! No, wait! I found it! Mac haters will love it. Mac lovers will understand it.

Oh, and I'm coming to hate the Google "most popular videos" tool. See, I would assume it used some sort of ranking system, and then farmed out the top 15 videos on the list, and the next top 15, and so on, and so on. But no. It has a pool of the most popular videos, and when you ask for the list, it grabs 15 videos at random and displays them to you. So if you're looking for one in particular, and you can't find it, because the keywords are nonexistent/borked/whatever, you have to just keep clicking on "next 15 videos" until it turns up...

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