Sunday, October 16, 2005

Gone Ridin'

Jon called me last night and wanted to know if I was up for a ride sunday morning. He said the meet time was 11AM, which I thought was reasonable, especially since I had a hockey game saturday night (tied, 5-5).

I woke up at 10AM, which was a tad late considering I was supposed to be at Jon's place at 10:45. Clearly I was entirely awake, since I found myself in Los Gatos on highway 17, and thought to myself, "Los Gatos? But I'm supposed to be driving to Menlo Park..." Turn around, back on 17, up 85 to 280, and I arrived at Jon's place not too late.

Met Ash, Amy, Ethan, and a couple of their friends at Peet's Coffee, then rode up 84 to Alice's restaurant. We spent about half an hour there chatting, as we waited for Warren to show up, then contintued down 84 to Pescadero. The original plan was to stop at Duarte's for lunch, but they had a 45 minute wait, so we decided to continue on to Davenport. Apparently we had a communications failure at this point, because it was not clear to Ethan quite how dire Jon's gas situation was -- he drove to Davenport on reserve.

After a rather overpriced cheeseburger, Jon and I headed back to stop at the next gas station. It turned out to be 15 miles away, not 11 as Ethan claimed, and unfortunately Jon had about 14.9 miles of gas left in his tank.

Jon hopped on my bike and we rode the 0.1 mile to the gas station, bought a vastly overpriced 1-gallon gas can (apparently they've got this drill figured out), then rode back to Jon's bike. When we got back, we realized that it was all downhill to the gas station, and he probably could have coasted in...

But, Jon got to the station, and was fuelled up and one gas can richer for the experience. Got back home, milled around for a couple hours, then went to tonight's hockey game, which we won 1-0. Yay!

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