Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dirt Biking

Adam and I went to Metcalf last sunday to go dirt bike riding. It was the first time in a couple years for each of us, but the main reason we hadn't gone riding more in the past was a lack of someone to go riding with. Since we're both around the same skill level (almost none), we're also well-matched riding partners.

First run of the day was a little hairy -- most of my experience is in street riding, and it's a little unsettling to have the bike start wandering and drifting underneath you. Managed to shake that off after a couple laps and get back up to my previous comfort level.

The day went well, I even successfully did a hill climb towards the end of the day. We mostly stuck to the green and blue trails, as well as spending some time on the GP track, which was pretty fun. I liked the track because it helped me practice my skills, and spend less time worrying about what's around the next corner or over the next hill.

I dumped my bike on the last run of the day (naturally), which broke one of the brush guards and bent my clutch lever. Went to Road Rider to pick up a replacement, figuring it had to be cheap -- it's just a piece of molded plastic, and dirt bikes crash all the time, so there's lots of volume. Brake and clutch levers are $6-$7, after all, despite the fact there are dozens of different types of them for different bikes.

The brush guards turned out to be $90 for a set. Surprise. You can get them online for slightly cheaper, but it still feels like highway robbery. I bought them anyways, because I'm still not entirely used to low-cash-flow living, but next time they break I think I'll be repairing them.

Other than the breakage, it was a good trip, and we've decided we'll have to do more of that. As low-cost entertainment, it's hard to beat -- it's $5 to get the two of us into the park for the day. The bikes didn't even go through half a tank during the 4 hours we were there, so the main expense for the day (aside from the brush guards) was the gas it took to drive the truck there.

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