Monday, March 21, 2005

Es lo un cambio de moneda aqui?

We're spending the night at the “Restaurant and Hotel Calakmul,” which is the nicest hotel (and restaurant) in the town of Xpujil. It is also the only restaurant in town with an enclosed dining area, so that should give you some idea of the competition.

Xpujil is the definition of a sleepy little Mexican town. Everything of note in the town is on the main street (also the highway) – the bus stop, pharmacy, army barracks, grocery store. We spent a few minutes walking around town and taking pictures.

Our room is a cozy little unit, with nicely-made wooden furnishings and two beds on concrete frames (standard in the hotels we've been in so far – if you can't build it with concrete and cinder block, it doesn't get built around here).

I have now achieved a tourist-survival level of Spanish. I've got my basic numbers down, and I can belt out “la cuenta” with authority. Still haven't quite gotten to using verbs, but a basic set of nouns seems to go pretty far. And it's not like we're in danger of being mistaken for locals. In addition to our pale skin, Shana is on the tall side here, and I easily tower a head over the natives.

Spent most of today on the bus. Merida to Xpujil is 7 hours on 2 different buses, so it was 5pm by the time we got to the hotel. Going to spend tomorrow checking out nearby ruins, then it's off to Cancun.

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