Sunday, December 26, 2004


Another Christmas is past, and I have completed the traditional giving of gifts, and started the traditional post-Christmas shopping. After all, it's on sale.

My family is still at my uncle's house in Salem, so today we hit the local outlet mall. The fact that Oregon has no sales tax always throws you off a bit -- if they say it's $39.95, you get a nickel in change.

The theme for this year's gifts (and post-gift shopping) has been house furnishings, because of course there's always something more you can get to furnish your house. I got a couple of entryway rugs, some nice placemats and napkins, and napkin-ring holders for xmas, then flushed it out with some more ordinary (and more stain-resistent) placemats.

And a book. This is tradition enough in my family that my uncle Bob just gave us all Barnes and Nobles gift cards, and at least once a year, someone gets a photo of me, my sister, and my parents sitting and all reading our respective books.

We plan to spend a few more days in Salem, then my parents head back up to Washington for their New Year's Day party, and my sister and I are driving to Lake Tahoe to test out the all-wheel drive on my Subaru. And we might stop by a party while they're there.

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