Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Brain Power

Recent developments in monitoring brain activity could result in one of Sci-Fi's holy grail's, direct mental control of a computer. Obviously there is significant benefit for disabled people to be able to interface with computers without becoming one of the Borg, but I have a feeling that the first widespread use of this will be when Sony ships the first Mental GamePad for PS3.

Speaking of games, just when you thought you could avoid advertising by turning off your TV, a startup has realized the hours wasted playing video games could instead be spent productively watching commercials. The new company, Massive, is trying to get a lock-down on the in-game advertising market, so as you drive around the streets of San Fiero you can see ads for Maxi-Pads or Pert shampoo on the billboards.

Isn't technology exciting?

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