Thursday, October 21, 2004

Jurisdiction on the Internet

The Register, one of my favorite online news sources, has this article about some servers that got siezed in the UK. The interesting part about this is that the UK government claims to have had no part in the seizure.

Lemme explain... No, is too complicated -- lemme sum up. The Italians wanted some information on Indymedia's servers regarding possible terrorist activities. They send a request to the U.S. to seize the servers, presumably because they're hosted by Rackspace (the "why"s are quite fuzzy). The servers, which actually reside in the U.K., are seized by some mysterious entity which is neither (by denial) the UK Home Office or the FBI.

Then one week later the servers are given back, and there are more denials flying around than there are fake boobs in a strip club.

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