Tuesday, October 30, 2007


We were out celebrating Joahnna's brother's birthday at TGI Friday's when the earthquake hit. The quake itself was somewhat anticlimatic -- the building started to shudder, and just about the time people were wondering what was going on, we got one big shake. Everyone stopped and looked around for ten seconds or so, and then when it was evident the action was over, people just started going about their business again.

When I got to my car I had a text message from Jon saying "You still OK?" I thought back to my last conversation with Jon (lunch this monday), where I wasn't feeling all that well, and texted back "Not sick yet."

I didn't even think about the earthquake. It's California after all, and quakes are a part of life. But when I stopped at the grocery store on the way home, everyone was buzzing about how scary it was, and lots of products had been knocked off the shelves; about then I figured out that Jon was probably asking about quake effects and not my general health.

According to the USGS the epicenter was just a few miles east of my house, but I didn't see any effects when I returned home other than the garage looking slightly more disheveled than usual.

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Jon Chiappa said...

Hey G,

You are correct, the message was about the earthquake but the response worked either way :)

- J