Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sharks with Laser Beams

Cool video of MTHEL (Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser). It certainly seems like the laser can shoot down whatever it sees, which is the hard part. All that money Ronald dumped into Star Wars may have finally had an effect.

Not going to help us much in Iraq, since it can't shoot down IEDs, but I'm sure the Israelis wouldn't mind test-driving one.

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Jordan said...

Israel is already deep into this. My dad went to temple the other day to see some guy speak - former professor/researcher or something who now heads up the Israeli counter-ballistic program. First of all, Israel & the U.S. are developing all these technologies hand in hand. Secondly, he said the technology is already there - we can take down mortars and rockets (katyushas, qaseems) no problem. The issue is price. In order to deploy enough units across Israel's danger zones, you're looking at at least $8bil. The guy was there speaking, in fact, in order to solicit private donations to that end.