Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Impressions of Americans

Wonder what other people think of us? This video clip of "man on the street" interviews with the question "What are Americans like?"

The answer, overwhelmingly, is that we're loud, self-confident, and friendly. The word "brash" was used by almost a third of the people interviewed. Oh, and as the girl closes with, we're fat.

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Scotts said...

Loud, brash and fat? Yeah well those english seem to be a lot of insecure stuffed shirts. Always whinning about this and crying about that...they've been kept under the dominion of the queens skirt so long, they're afraid to peek out from under it for fear of that boogie man might get them. The only thing good to come out of england was the british invasion, and even that event didn't bloom until it left for the good ole USA!