Monday, March 20, 2006

Morning Ritual

Woke up this morning to a nice, steady drizzle outside. Experience suggests this is the type of rain that just keeps on going all day, so I dressed accordingly in a windbreaker and waterproof boots and walked out to the garage for my new morning ritual.

I discovered last week that my car has been pulling left under acceleration, and when I checked the tire pressure, it was really low -- about 10 lbs. I filled it back up to spec (36 lbs), then checked it the next day, and it had dropped down to about 32. Meaning I have a slow leak.

The tires have a fair amount of wear on them, so it's probably a good time to just replace the tires, but that costs money, so instead I have a new morning ritual -- I open the garage, start the car, turn on the air compressor, put on some work gloves (the wheels are covered in brake dust), check the pressure and pump the tire back up. It's nice having tools.

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