Monday, November 15, 2004

Beer Train

On Saturday, I went on my first Beer Train ride. Some background: this was the 7th annual Beer Train trip, and the basic idea is that you use CalTrain to go bar-hopping. We started in Sunnyvale at Scruffy Murphy's and hit four more bars, spending about an hour and a half at each bar. The time was fixed by the train schedule, since the trains run an hour apart on weekends.

The organizers made custom T-shirts for the trip, with different colors for organizers (uber-cool black), conductors (white), and cattle (tan). Everyone got pens to write on shirts (and people) with, which was half the fun. The first thing I ran into was that Kate (who I had not met before that night) and I share a last name, which others found confusing. So they wrote "Not married to Kate" on the back of my shirt. Then, later on, someone wrote "look for my husband Guy" on the back of Kate's shirt. We're still negotiating the terms of the settlement.

The big drawback to the beer train is that CalTrain doesn't run late, so in order to get everyone back home before they shut down, we had to start early -- at one in the afternoon. Scruffy's looked a bit surprised to have that many people pouring it at an early hour.

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