Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Ankle Karma

So, last sunday at my hockey game, I got in a little shoving match with a larger player, and I was off balance, so I lost. This is not normally a big deal -- a certain amount of pushing and shoving is expected in hockey, especially when you're hanging out in front of the other team's net -- except that as I went down, my skate got caught in the other player's skate/stick, and it refused to rotate with the rest of my body. In physics terms, my body applied a moment arount the fulcrum of my ankle.

In layman's terms, it was quite painful.

It wasn't until I got back to my new house, with barely a third of my stuff moved in, that I realized that this was a really bad time to not be able to lift heavy things. So I'm frantically calling people to try and get two guys over here to move my heavy stuff. I called Ash, and after he was done mocking me for getting injured playing hockey (what can I say? If there's no injury potential, it's just not any fun), he told me he's in Massachusetts.

I'm trying to think back over my recent actions and see if my karmic bank account is running low...

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